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We serve a range of complimentary refreshments. Light refreshments (water and sandwiches) are available on all of our flights. For regional routes (Comoros)‚ we also provide breakfast and lunch.

Due to restrictions imposed by the Kenya Airports Authority‚ passengers are not allowed to board the aircraft with their own food and drink.


Smoking is NOT permitted at any time during the flight

Use of Electronic Equipment on Board

Use of the following electronic devices is prohibited during the entire duration of the flight:

  • portable FM radio and television sets
  • scanners
  • mobile phones
  • remote-control appliances (including toys)
  • radio transmitters and receiver
  • portable video sets
  • CD-‚ minidisk- and CD-ROM players
  • CB radios
  • computer printers
  • laser pointers

The following electronic devices can only be used at cruising altitude:

  • laptop/portable computers
  • computer games
  • video cameras

Hand luggage

Each passenger is permitted one standard piece of hand baggage to a volume limit of 56x45x25cm and a weight limit of 5kgs.

PLEASE NOTE: For safari destinations‚ serviced by our smaller aircraft‚ the maximum baggage allowance is in total 15kg (including hand luggage) per passenger. In addition‚ only soft cases are permitted. Additional luggage is subject an excess charge of KES 150 per kg.
In addition‚ passengers may carry on board a handbag‚ a coat‚ an umbrella‚ duty-free goods (small items)‚ a laptop computer‚ car seats for infant passengers and small items of photographic or scientific equipment. These will not form part of the above allowances (apart from flights to safari destinations).

Infants who share your seat do not have a baggage allowance.